“FRED” AWARD [2019-21]: award for progressive role-playing game development in germany by DLRV e.V. / wanja neite: curation & head of jury

LUFTSCHLOSS BARCAMP [2021]: barcamp on “participation, diversity & appropriation” in live role play with GfLR e.V., worldwideweb / wanja neite: curation & moderation

NEXUS [2021]: event program for a “community & platform framework for cultural production in hybrid spaces” by DOS.FAIL, schweinfurt & worldwideweb / wanja neite: concept & curation

KEINE.CON [2012-2021]: participative festival for experimental live role play culture by SIEBENSPRUNG, wolfenb├╝ttel / wanja neite: concept, curation

OFF-STAGE THEATER AWARD HILDESHEIM [2018-2020]: award by B├ťRGERSTIFTUNG HILDESHEIM / wanja neite: curation & head of jury