NIGHTCRAWLERS [2023-ongoing]

wanja neite: dramaturgy, script, performance

immersive haunt experience & installation


NIGHTCRAWLERS is an immersive scare experience, 360° performance installation, and love letter to queer monstrosity and horror. pushed into the shadows, the nightcrawlers have created a frightening yet alluring netherworld where they experience pleasure, lust, dignity and community on their own terms.

every NIGHTCRAWLERS show was uniquely themed: creatures from past runs haunt alongside new monsters; spaces are site-specifically adapted in response to changing locations; and each run explores a different facet of what goes bump in the night, ensuring a rewarding experience for first-timers and returning audiences alike.

creative director: jos porath
dramaturgy: jos porath with wanja neite, omi tabari, marie s. zwinzscher
set design: jos porath with MOTHER
costume design: jano jonas
light, sound design: simon salem müller
installation: simon salem müller with jörn herrmann
performers: amanda babaei vieira (trailer), tilman gunz, jörn herrmann, jano jonas, sofia karagiorgou (trailer), kelvin kilonzo, frederik von lüttichau, wanja neite, melody pasanideh, dee andishe pishva (trailer), rené ritterbusch, nechama rothschild, raphael souza sá, simon steinhorst, omi tabari, laurean wagner, jack willenbacher, lex mannigel, emma wheeler
producer: shadman asif
trailer: lukas dolgner (camera), kevin kopacka (editing)
social media: jack willenbacher
website: birk jecht