immersive performance installation
by SV SZLACHTA & LICHTHOF THEATER @wartenau16 hamburg
wanja neite: co-direction, concept, scenography, performance

„this is a place of symbiosis and transformation. a laboratory of change, inhabited by a growing artifical intelligence. here the relationship between body, technology and environment is being researched, fragemented and re-coded.“

VYRE2020 was the third and final part of SV SZLACHTA’s trilogy of milieu studies on neo-liberal work ethics and artificial intelligence, drawing an ambivalent picture of the journey into a digital world.

in twelve shows SV SZLACHTA together with the participants dived into the fiction of an accumulation of five big scale interactive installations. for this the collectiv worked intensively with five performers, created to virtual reality films and two interactive sound installations.

„next to all the things made possible by ai talking to plants merely seems a finger exercise. here at the latest the evening turns into a fascinating, wicked piece of theater, beaming the audience from the velvet chair of a theater hall right into the action. and forcing them to reflect on what it really means to be human.“ (NDR)

„one moment you are typing algorithms and neuronal networks of californian tech companies into the keyboard – the next moment you find yourself checking the back of your head for cables.“ (TAZ)

„VYRE is putting the concept of performance in question. actors become an empty shell, laying in a coffin, rif of any real function. and the others bodies are merging with objects too.“ (FIDENA PORTAL)

a piece by amanda babaei vieira, christopher ramm, lorenz vetter & wanja neite with kotka gudmon.
concept/research/installation: amanda babaei vieira, christopher ramm, lorenz vetter & wanja neite
sound: quirin nebas with lorenz vetter
technic: lorenz vetter
robotics: sebastian arnd
costume: amanda babaei vieira
photos & trailer film: lukas eylandt
special thanks to: lang&breit, simon urbschat, arthur köstler, birk jecht, markus schmon, waldritter e.v., timmersive

funding & sponsoring: dachverband freie darstellende künste hamburg, behörde für kultur und medien hamburg, hamburgische kulturstiftung & firstrow.