immersive performance installation & virtual reality film
wanja neite: co-direction, set design, performance

technology can never be a path of isolation!
“VYRE is a young, dynamic and fictional start up company, which aims to change not only the entertainment industry but also the way we perceive each other and our surroundings. right now, VYRE are touring the world introducing this game changing invention, an undying fake smile on their lips and a cup of cold brew coffee in hand.”

disguised as an exhibition stand, SV Szlachta took the audience directly from everyday conference life into their immersive intervention VYRE 2018. In another room, the audience then had the opportunity to take part in a 12-minute VR experience. a performance installation about startup culture, neoliberal dreams and about building worlds.

“SV SZLACHTA subversively warped the strategies of an almost mystic-seeming up-and-coming medium. to this end, the quartet develeoped the deep, dense fiction of a company which (…) beamingly cranks alternative utopias for a neoliberal market trough the meat grinder.“ – BRASILIA DESIGN MAGAZINE

production & concept: amanda babei vieira, wanja neite, christopher ramm & lorenz vetter
performance: amanda babei vieira, wanja neite, christopher ramm & lorenz vetter
vr acting: abdoulaye badji, maximilian böhner, anne döhr, ilona perger & markus schmon
camera & cut: lorenz vetter
animation: lorenz vetter
set design: amanda babaei vieira, wanja neite & christopher ramm
costume: amanda babaei vieira & wanja neite
sound design: max gausepohl
music: christopher ramm
voice: viktoria klimmeck

special thanks to: hotel hamburg, hilko eilts, silver-jocko, theater kampnagel hamburg & timmersive