DEMETER [since 2021]

STEFAN DEUTSCH with FITZLER & WAGNER, traditional sailing ship “pippilotta” @baltic sea
live role play game
wanja neite: game runner 2021-23, co-creation script & characters


“the schooner demeter is on its way from transylvania to england. the passengers and crew do not know that there is something ancient and evil among them. but they will soon realise the terrible truth. the demeter will reach london, alas without a living soul aboard…”

DEMETER is a gothic horror larp, based on the novel by BRAM STOKER. a game about suppressed sexuality, death and decay, to the clash of science and belief and the modern versus the ancient.

the game has been played numerous times since 2015, mainly run bei STEFAN DEUTSCH.


“outstanding, fantastic and a real benchmark in larp history.” (HERWIG KOPP)

production lead: stefan deutsch
game runners 2021: david pusch & wanja neite
game runners 2022: jos porath & wanja neite
game runners 2023: wanja neite, jos porath, simon salem müller, julia langt
game material: norman aretz, stefan deutsch, tim fitzler & sandra quell
concept: stefan deutsch, tim fitzler & yvonne wagner