SICKERMOOR (2019) - Wanja Neite

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Siebensprung & Gesellschaft für Live-Rollenspiel e.V.
A chamber live role-playing game + a theatre installation.

„Yea, a desserte of lapwynges, a shrewednes of apes, a raffull of knaues and a gagle of gees.“

A story not to be told: the story of Sickermoor, of a twisted family and a secret. The project took place in the partly ruined Ihme-Zentrum in Hannover (ger) with a max. of 10 participants each turn. The event included workshops, discussions and a 24h long live role-playing game.
'Sickermoor' was played in april 2019 in 3 runs of three days each @kulturetage hannover.

Film Screenings:
+ Knutepunkt Conference, Oslo (Norway), 2021
+ Mittelpunkt Conference, Heldrungen (Germany), 2020

„a swan song to a patriarch.“ (Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung)

„(A project) … people will be talking of for decades.“ (Stadtkind magazin)

„An incredibly profund game concerning fundamental questions.“
„A whole new level of immersion.“ (Larpzeit magazin)

Artistic ensemble: amanda babaei vieira, simon salem müller, wanja neite, lorenz vetter & marie s. zwinzscher.
Concept & game design: wanja neite.
Script: simon salem müller, wanja neite, lotte zach & marie s. zwinzscher.
Additional cast: miriam ebbing & ilona klein.
Special thanks to: birk jecht, katharina munz & victor lange-nowak.
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