HEALING (2021)

hybrid live role play installation
by DENIALOFSERVICE.FAIL / schweinfurt & worldwideweb
wanja neite: game design, concept, co-direction



your heart is racing. your hands trembling. this is your last chance: HEALING, the most glamorous entertainment show in the world.

in august 2021 DOS.FAIL installed ‚HEALING‘ as a hybrid game in a bunker: simultaneously live on location and online, connected via a complex video surveillance system, interaction terminals and a 2d online world. a team of experts from the fields of performance, live game design, activism, programming, scenography and research developed the project. the game was played on every continent, except antarctica.

the game took place on six days in august 2021 at SPITALSEEBUNKER schweinfurt and lasted for approx. 8h each. ‚HEALING‘ was accompanied by a series of workshops, readings & lectures.


podcast review & interview with WANJA NEITE @IM FOYER PODCAST: „in lis we trust“ (49min)

„a game that galvanized the cultural scene in schweinfurt, concerning suppression by technocratic system and resistance, screts, love and solidarity.“ (MAINPOST)

„the finale of the game showed how dangerous social credit systems are. it was definitely a very interesting and appalling experience.“ (IM FOYER PODCAST#2: „in lis we trust“)

„the falcon eye is watching over everything. with merciless charme it is leading what happens in the online world and in the bunker. a place for rehabilitation in a society where echt each human being is being rated by the ‚lifescore‘“ (LARPZEIT MAGAZINE)

„those who take part in this unique project will feel like being in a different futuristic world. it becomes obvious the very moment players leave the bunker and gaze into the sunlight.“ (SCHWEINFURTER TAGEBLATT)

„a one-of-a-kind playing experience“ (STADTKULTUR MAGAZIN WÜRZBURG)

„a concept like no other before.“ (SCHWEINFURTER BÜRGERMAGAZIN)

„i was blown away by the intensity of the whole situation. i did not expect this. at all. for many days after, i was pulled back into memories of some of the scenes, you / they all had a profound impact on me. what kind of black magic did you use to make this happen? i came into this game without an idea how something like this would even work, and you just blew me away.” (FRANCO HARTWIG, participant)

production lead: simon salem müller
game design / concept: jonas klinkenberg, wanja neite & simon salem müller
set design: jörn herrmann
costume: meeri hattifattener
technical lead, light: andreas vollmer
technic: simon salem müller, andreas vollmer & jörn herrmann
scenography: jörn herrmann & thilo kess
performance & world building: amanda babaei vieira, tessa hoder, kseniia komoza, wanja neite, christopher ramm & simon salem müller
performance online: nina dreßler, alexander jaensch, cindy mikosch & gerrit reininghaus
special guests: tilman gunz, yelyzaveta marmeladowa & jan liefhold
performance hash angels: laura faiss, jan liefhold
design online game: studio für unendliche möglichkeiten (gloria schulz, julian kamphausen) & jonas klinkenberg
technical intersection & execution community plattform / outlets / 2d world: studio für unendliche möglichkeiten (gloria schulz & julian kamphausen) & daniel zirke
backend & hosting (jitsi meet & workadventure): daniel domscheit-berg (havel:lab e.v. / verstehbahnhof)
map & technical support: birk jecht
experience-, & safety-design: larson kasper, jonas klinkenberg, wanja neite & simon salem müller
workshop: larson kasper & wanja neite
interception design, coordination – ux design: markus schmon
public relations: maren duda, wanja neite & jonas klinkenberg
curation workshops & talks: wanja neite, larson kasper mit kulturpackt für schweinfurt e.v.

a cooperation with kulturpackt für schweinfurt e.v.: u.a. ingo schäfer, jimij günther, tanja scheller, thilo kess
special thanks to: dragonflyorga, chris heißler, martina ryssel, lasse munk (spektrogram.dk), evgenii muzychenko (vac), lorenz vetter, birger wilm, kunsthalle schweinfurt, stadtwerke schweinfurt, kaltenhof ggmbh, disharmonie schweinfurt, buchhandlung colibri eg, menz edv gmbh, marisa mrachacz, trabrennbahn mariendorf, christof kraus, performing arts programm berlin, die eidechse von kleinanzeigen, foss-projects: apache software foundation, nginx, nextcloud, debian, raspbian, ubuntu, raspberry pi foundation, mozilla foundation, the tor project, signal foundation, jitsi meet, workadventure, vvvv, wordpress, displaycal/argyllcms, gimp, darktable, ffmpeg, scribus, chromium, puredata, and many more.
media partner: radio hashtag+