a playable simulation & larp, live and worldwideweb
wanja neite: performance, co-creation


„even the darkest corners have eyes and encrypted data is yet forbidden. it seems like there is no place for you in this world.“

as part of the PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL 2022, the PANKE CLUB & GALLERY in berlin wedding became the venue for a playable live simulation. with the help of a character generator, the players created their own character. with this character they took part in the game, interacted independently with other players, and influenced the world of the game. the performance itself consisted of a hybrid online-offline format. participants could choose between two modes:

FUNDAMENT: up to 5 participants could take part in the daily lives of residents for 3 hours, find out why they became dropouts, or accompany them to their cam-shows.

THE CRYSTAL HEAVEN LOUNGE: in the second game mode, up to 30 participants could immerse themselves in the exciting nightlife of the crystal heaven lounge for 2 hours, explore how others live out their freedom, and find out what freedom means to them.


‚DAS FUNDAMENT‘ assembled expertise of the diverse fields of theater, participatory arts, cultural management, creative coding, live action role playing, set design, lighting design & engineering, acting and game design.

„in a society where an almighty system completely controls the people via a permanent biometric mass surveillance system the hosts promise an escape from the system, freedom and the fulfillment of their dreams. (…) the performers from dos.fail try to create a room of possibilities for this. but wether this potential can be fully tapped or lies in the hands of the participants and their weill and skill to dive into a wild world of radiant, strong individuals.“ (TIMO KOCH @PAF BLOG)

artistic ensemble and co-creation: anna Lysee, carnelian king, jack franziska willenbacher, jano jonas, jos porath, jörn herrmann, katrin katz köbbert, simon salem müller, tatjana stella polaris, tessa hoder, tilman gunz, wanja neite
concept, production lead: simon salem müller
player character design: jonas klinkenberg
media & web: simon salem müller
technical lead, light design: andreas vollmer
set design: jörn herrmann, florian fischer
costume: meeri hattifattener, jano jonas
production: denialofservice.fail
production office: simon salem müller & jonas klinkenberg
FOSS-projects: apache software foundation, nginx, nextcloud, debian, raspbian, ubuntu, raspberry pi foundation, mozilla foundation, the tor project, signal foundation, jitsi meet, displayCAL/argyllCMS, GIMP, darktable, FFMPEG, scribus and many more

the project was supported by
panke e.V., panke.gallery, palasthotel – gesellschaft für digitale pracht mbH, havel:lab e.V. / verstehbahnhof, theaterhaus berlin mitte, performing arts festival berlin 2022